Blogging for the first time …

“I was nervous. Like an ice-cube, I just froze up. Then I melted in some strange guy’s drink.”
Jarod Kintz, The Titanic would never have sunk if it were made out of a sink.

My feeling when I first heard that I was supposed to publish a blog every week as a part of my internship. I hated the idea of writing and postponed it for weeks , much to the dismay of my mom who found it difficult to understand that I couldn’t come up with a few sentences about my activities (^_^;). ( I can read a thousand page book on politics of china easily than write a blog !! )

So, here I am to share my experiences and knowledge while hopefully learn something along the way. Let me tell you where this all started. Last month, I got selected for the OPW – Outreach Program for Women internship as a part of which I will be working for the next two months with Ffmpeg on Symmetric block ciphers and optimization. I was very happy when I first got to know that I was selected as it has always been my dream to contribute to open source and hopefully be a full-time part of it.

Looking at others’ work contribution and the level of expertise , I was initially quite scared to even make an attempt. My first attempt had gone wrong terribly with my OS crashing 6 times or so !! . But this time I made up my mind that I will succeed and started going through the organisations a month ahead of the application deadline. I consider myself to be very lucky that I came across Ffmpeg as it had the very project I was most comfortable in. 😀 I am well versed with c, c++ and very much interested in cryptography and security. I got to meet the sweetest mentor ever, Giorgio , who was very patient and understanding right from the first day. Then I sent a patch as a qualification task, completed my application and finally got selected !

My work for the three months is mostly to add twofish, camellia and cast 128 algorithms to the library of ffmpeg. I am almost done with cast 128 and camellia. I am planning to publish few blogs on the basics of ciphers in the next couple of days. Although I am just an amateur in the field of cryptology, I hope I will be able to share and learn along the way. That’s it for this one. I am glad that you have kept up with my blabber which I guess was quite boring !! ( I felt the same while writing 😉 ) . Nevertheless, I will try to learn to blog better too. ( I am thinking to take up a course on blogging , what say ? 😛 ) Finally, a very happy and a prosperous new year to all of you.

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